This is a prototype checklist, subject to change.
Version 0.2

Server settings

No antivirus
Create configuration file
Hyperthreading is on
Power plan to maximum performance
One NIC per instance
gMSA used

Disk settings

Partitions aligned
Partitions formatted to 64Kb
IFI on
Disk layout as per recommendations

Database settings

Relevant trace flags set
Lock pages in memory set
DBATools installed
SQLMail configured
MAX_MEMORY set to a reasonable number
DAC turned on
Recovery model set (preferrably FULL, but depending on workload)
Optimize for adhoc set
MAXDOP & cost threshold set
MSDB purge configured
Backup compression turned on
TEMPDB files configured
MODEL file size/growth rate configured
Operators & alerts configured
Agent configured (failsafe, mail profile)
Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution installed
DBA Database configured