Back on the road

The first month of the new year is more than half way done. Time flies, but I’ve already had time to go to SQL Saturday Linz in beautiful Austria. I delivered “Headless chicken - calming the sysadmin-turned-DBA” to a full room, and it was 60 minutes of fun, shenanigans and failing to use a flipchart properly - all while having an excellent discussion about the intricacies of waking up as a DBA. Tomorrow I’m leaving for a quick trip to Mechelen in Belgium and the first-ever Power BI Days conference! I have it on good authority that there will be a good crowd and I’m more than happy to be a part of Europe’s newest Power BI-focused event. It will be a quick in-and-out though as I’m flying home again Saturday afternoon. In Mechelen I will be delivering one of my favorite sessions: “Arguing with myself - self-service BI from an infrastructure perspective”, absolutely sure so get laughs. I mean - I’m wearing two different hats and I’m arguing with myself in three different voices - what’s not to like…?