I've become a mentor

I stumbled across SpeakingMentors after seeing a Tweet from Alex Yates. It’s a completely free opportunity for new and budding speakers to get one-on-one mentoring with more experienced people in the industry, all with the goal that sharing is indeed caring. I can’t count the number of times I’ve met absolutely brilliant people that had decided that they weren’t able to speak in public, that they had nothing to say or any of another thousand reasons why they couldn’t do it.

SpeakingMentors is an attempt to catch some of these talents and help them grow and flourish. The more great speakers we get in the community the more we all can learn. In any way you look at it, it is a win-win: the mentee gets clear, concise tips to improve (be it with writing abstracts, how to approach a session, presentation skills or whatnot) and the mentor gets a chance to both learn from meeting and interacting with a new individual as well as the chance to share their collected wisdom.

I invite anyone who are interested to go to SpeakingMentors.com to see for themselves. I did and couldn’t sign up as a mentor fast enough. Come join us!