Knee-Deep at Ignite

A few days ago a dream came true for both Simon and me - we will both be speaking at Microsoft Ignite in November! We will be delivering breakout sessions, theater sessions, host unconference sessions AND record podcast episodes.

I’ll be delivering an updated classic - “The Force Awakens - Azure SQL Server for the On-prem DBA” as a 45-minute breakout session. I’ve changed up another classic as well - “SQL Sever Hates You(?)” - but this time as a 20-minute theater session. It’s slightly changed to “Five Things the DBAs Forgot to tell the Developers” but follows the same format as the full-length session. Simon will be delivering a 45-minute breakout session titled “Managing a virtual workplace using Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365”.

Simon will also be hosting a 75-minute unconference session: “Building your career in IT by using the skills you may already have”. The unconference sessions are unlike “classic” sessions in that they revolve around a central question discussed among the attendees. I’m really looking forward to be part of the discussions!

We’ll record at least one episode of the podcast as well. This will be a 60 minute special Ignite episode, and we’re already hard at work with planning the episode. We can’t wait to get to Orlando and hope to see you all there!