The road to London

It’s time for me to go on the road again, and this time I’m headed to London and the UK Cloud Infrastructure User Group where I will be delivering a brand new session on self-service BI from an infrastructure perspective.

This session is not only brand new, it is also a bit of an presentation style experiment. I will be delivering the session in no less than three different voices - as in, three differing points of opinion. The subtitle for this session is “arguing with myself” for a reason…

My goal with the 60-minute session is to provide a walk-through what self-service BI is and what makes it so potentially awesome, how it can (and will!) affect the infrastructure people and what can be done to turn a disaster into an opportunity. It is primarily focused on Power BI as this is my weapon of choice these days, but the information is immediately applicable to all situations. It’s more about the mindset than the specific implementation - something I find is most often the case.

The usergroup meeting is held at WeWork Waterhouse Square in Holborn (the closes tube station should be Chancery Lane) at 6.30 on Monday. Register here and come join!