Episode 26

The twentysixth episode is up! This time we talk Power BI guest access, the changing landscape of training, running vmWare on Azure(!), Windows Server servicing and SQL Operations Studio. We are now on iTunes! Much easier to subscribe 🙂 As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to […]

Special episode #3

The third special episode was recorded at PASS Summit in Seattle and is comprised of two interviews. The first is Adam Saxton and Patrick LeBlanc of Guy in a Cube, and the second is with Cloud and Datacenter MVP Rob Sewell! We are now on iTunes! Much easier to subscribe 🙂 As always we gladly accept […]

T-SQL Tuesday #96: Folks Who Have Made A Difference

  This T-SQL Tuesday was an interesting one, and I’ve been spending quite a few hours thinking about how to formulate my thoughts. Unfortunately the end of said Tuesday is nearing with unreasonable speed, so I’ll have to be brief. This month’s challenge comes from Ewald Cress and is to recognize those who have made a meaningful contribution […]

Episode 25

The twentyfifth episode is up! This one will have to be called the “PASS recap” as we for once didn’t come up with a quirky name! We talk PASS Summit, ATP for Windows Defender, new stuff in Intune and a new Windows insider build! We are now on iTunes! Much easier to subscribe 🙂 As always […]

Special episode #2

This is the second special episode, and here Simon talks intelligently about Windows as a Service, and I ask not quite as intelligent questions. We are now on iTunes! Much easier to subscribe 🙂 As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) […]

Episode 24

The twentyfourth episode is up, a.k.a the “Jimmy’s undies”-episode, recorded on the 26th of October at TechDays Sweden in Stockholm. We sit down with the amazing MVPs Jessica and Jimmy Engström of Coding After Work fame and talk about development, UI/UX, home automation and the importance of fighting for the user! We are now on iTunes! […]

Episode 23

The twentythird episode is up, a.k.a the “who stole my GUI”-episode! We talk about Ignite, my recent trip to Japan, new hardware and Azure Stack! We are now on iTunes! Much easier to subscribe 🙂 As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me […]

Episode 22.5

Episode 22.5 is up, this one surprisingly without a nickname! With Simon at Ignite and a ton of new toys coming out of said conference, I felt I had to do a short episode just to talk about a few of them.   As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas […]

Episode 22

The twentysecond episode is up, a.k.a “the Residential Finn”-episode! We talk about Ignite expectations with our good friend Toni (@MrBlackSwe), the hidden costs of self-service BI and the need for good maintenance on Oracle systems, regardless of their age. We are now on iTunes! Much easier to subscribe 🙂 As always we gladly accept tips and […]

Episode 21

The twenty-first episode is up, a.k.a the “wireless rain” episode! We talk about the Apple launch event, Microsoft Future Decoded, myAnalytics, lots of Power BI updates, conditions in ARM templates, Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update and what we are expecting from Ignite this year. We are now on iTunes! Much easier to subscribe 🙂 As […]

Episode 20

The twentieth episode is up, a.k.a the “hammer and sauce” episode! We talk about he death of the SCCM model, a new Data Management Gateway release, a new Data Migration Assistant release, that Airwatch now can do Chromebook management, expectations of Windows Server 1709 at Ignite, the new SSMS 17.2 release and data masking shenanigans. […]

Episode 19

The nineteenth episode is up, a.k.a the “inside ourselves” episode! We talk about YET another configmgr release, the Surface range reliability, security in Azure, the future of this podcast and our upcoming engagements. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) […]

Another kind of contention in TEMPDB

I’ve been helping troubleshoot a SQL Server 2014 that kind of tips over every hour when a job is run on one of the application servers. All eight cores of the server go through the roof together with the counter for batch requests/sec – and then everything grinds to a halt. This behavior continues for […]

Episode 18

The eighteenth episode is up, a.k.a “the team song” episode! We talk about YET another configmgr preview, do a recap of the first six months of this podcast, the upcoming conferences in the fall and our hopes for future releases. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for […]

Episode 17

The seventeenth episode is up, a.k.a the “iphone body” episode. We talk Windows Server as a service, new Power BI APIs and some hardware. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) or Simon (@bindertech)! http://www.arcticdba.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/ep17.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Episode 16

The sixteenth episode is up, a.k.a “sustainability of clouds” episode is up! We talk about yet another configmgr preview, the upcoming Data Insights Summit in Seattle, Power BI, Report Server and licensing costs, the modern way of work and sustainability. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for […]

Episode 15

The fifteenth episode is up, a.k.a “the super-great” episode is up! We talk about the upcoming Power BI changes, new Microsoft hardware, licensing considerations with SSIS in Azure and testing patches or not. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) […]

Episode 14

The fourteenth episode is up, a.k.a “Knee-deep in trains” episode is up! We talk about developers and DBAs, vmWare, public speaking and conference abstracts. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) or Simon (@bindertech)! http://www.arcticdba.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/ep14.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Epsiode 13.5

Episode thirteen and a half is up, a.k.a the “failed creator” episode. This episode is a 30 minute discussion between me and Simon covering the ///Build day 2 keynote. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) or Simon (@bindertech)! http://www.arcticdba.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/ep13_5.mp3Podcast: […]

Episode 13

The thirtheenth episode is up, a.k.a “Schrödinger’s Data Scientist” episode. This episode covers a rant about trains in Sweden, a gazillion interesting stuff from ///Build so far and expectations for today’s keynote. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) or […]

Episode 12

The twelth episode us up, a.k.a the “Stormtrooper outfot” episode. This episode covers the Surface laptop, Windows 10S, the new PowerBI Premium offerings and the new Microsoft education offerings. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) or Simon (@bindertech)! http://www.arcticdba.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/ep12.mp3Podcast: […]

Episode 11

The eleventh episode is up, a.k.a the “department of numbers” episode. This episode covers news in Power BI, crappy drivers, the end(?) of Windows Phone, a discussion about the upcoming Microsoft Build conference, the manageability of Apple devices in an enterprise environment and the Microsoft fiscal report. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, […]

Episode 10

The tenth episode is up, a.k.a the “We is. Are.” episode. We spend a half-hour talking about Windows 10 Creator’s update (again), using Power BI to visualize the vast amounts of data that each of our clients’ posess, the new Config Manager technical preview, Windows telemetry, Windows Insider for Business as well as manage to […]

Azure database maintenance using Azure automation

One of the things often overlooked with Azure SQL databases is the fact that they need love in exactly the same way as their on-premises brethren. Sure, Azure will keep an eye out for the most blatant issues, but the old adage “a penny of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still holds water. […]

Episode 9

The ninth episode up, a.k.a the “cloudbreaker” episode. We talk about Windows 10 creator’s update, gothchas with teaching Azure courses, DTUs, XenApp Essentials, Surface Studio, hurtful database experiences and us presenting at the Code Meetup conference in Stockholm. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to […]

Episode 8

The eigth episode is up, a.k.a the “public speaking special” episode. We talk about our journey to speaking and presenting, cover some excellent training tips and of course say a few things about our ambivalent relationship to the Logitech Spotlight. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for […]

Episode 7

The seventh episode is up, a.k.a the “part of the piece” episode. We talk about Citrix, Data Lake, the duality of BI skills, Teams going GA, Windows 10 creator’s update and new releases for PowerBI. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet […]

Episode 6

The sixth episode is up, a.k.a the “cloudclub” episode. We decided to drop in on our colleagues in Jönköping and discuss Azure Stack TP3, surprises with Azure Classic to Azure RM conversions, the relative sexappeal of Windows Phone users and Office 365 licensing per group improvements. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as […]

Logitech Spotlight – initial thoughts

As you know by now, I do a fair bit of presenting and teaching. One of my primary tools is Powerpoint, and that necessitates a presentation clicker. I’ve been using a Logitech R400 for quite some time, and it does its job admirably. A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine showed me the new […]

Episode 5

The fifth episode is up, a.k.a the “kidlagged” episode. Simon is back, and we discuss Windows as a service, soft skills, SQL Server on Linux, Always On Availibility Groups and our incoming Logitech Spotlights. Last week we were both busy – Simon having a kid and me teaching a course in Stockholm. As always we […]

“File is read only” when trying to change TCP settings in SQL Server Configuration Manager

Today I hit upon this bug that’s apparently been around for ages. In short, sometimes SQL Server Configuration Manager works as expected when it comes to enabling and disabling specific IP addresses for the instance to listen on, and sometimes you are greeted with a very irritating message telling you that “the specified file is […]

Episode 4

The fourth episode is up, a.k.a the “malicious cleaning lady” episode! Simon’s busy having a kid, but I managed to corner Toni Holopainen (@MrBlackSwe) instead! Toni’s spent the last decade or so working wonders with the Windows platform, and has amassed more knowledge about infrastructure in general than you can easily shake a stick at. […]

Episode 3

The third episode is up! It’s informally known as the “kick off right from the bat” episode, due to my brain doing a bit of a sommersault. 30 minutes of discussions of Azure, SQL Server, Windows 10, Citrix and MCTs. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for […]

Episode 2

We’ve actually managed to produce yet another episode of our podcast, and while we were at it, we came up with a name. The podcast is now aptly named “knee-deep in tech” and will (for the forseeable future) be a work in progress. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas […]

Podcast – what could possibly go wrong?

Me and my colleague Simon (@bindertech) has decided to start a podcast. It’s brand spanking new and while we don’t have a clue about how to do a podcast we do have a lot of ideas for content. Our first episode focuses on database backup compression and application testing (a bit of an unholy combo, […]

Combining tables in Power BI and finding two(?) bugs

A student of mine had a question about combining data from multiple Excel sheets and doing calculations on the data. I realized I didn’t have a clear-cut answer so I decided to do some digging. The scenario looked like this: I created three excel files, each with a column for name and one for value. […]

The last post of the year

On January the 7th I celebrate my 10th anniversary at Atea. I came to be a consultant after 6 years working internal IT at the local university, and let’s just say consulting was a bit of a… change in pace. At the university I was responsible for everything that was spelled Oracle or SQL Server […]

T-SQL Tuesday – body language

This is my contribution to this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, this time hosted by Andy Yun. I was sitting calmly in a session at PASS Summit 2016 listening with only one ear. I was using only one ear as I was busy contemplating the many ways the speaker’s presentation skills could be improved. Teaching and presentation skills […]

PASS Summit and the #SQLFamily

PASS Summit 2016 was a week ago, and I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to put my thoughts into words. I’ve read many excellent blog posts about the conference and I wholly agree with them all, but I wanted to articulate my feelings in a blog post of my own. PASS Summit 2016 was my third Summit on […]

SQLHangout #38

We just concluded SQLHangouts #38 where Cathrine and I talked about career transitions from hardcore DBA stuff to slightly fluffier PowerBI / cloud stuff. I want to thank Cathrine for having me. It’s on youtube (and there it will stay, probably for all eternity) so head on over to take a look. I might have […]

SQLHangout #38 and Microsoft TechDays

My life is … hectic, to say the least. I just finished a talk at Atea IT-arena in Karlstad last week, as well as a 60-minute recap of Micrsoft Ignite in Atlanta that I held yesterday for 40 people at AddSkills in Linköping. The crowd was very attentive and lots of good questions were raised. […]

Reducing SSIS anxiety

Story time again. This tuesday I was to create a set of import packages in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to automate data loading from a couple of my customers’ storage systems. Said data comes in the shape of several text files – some delimited, some fixed length, all of varying size and shape. Anyone […]

Thoughts on communities

I’ve just stepped on the train from Gothenburg and SQL Saturday #536, where I had the honor of giving a talk about consolidation with SQL Server 2016. This SQL Saturday was organized by Mikael Wedham, a very friendly and exceedingly knowledgeable Swede. He had managed quite an amazing lineup with speakers this year: John Q. […]

SQL Saturday #536

I had a fairly short vacation this year in anticipation for a trip to Japan next year, but the time running up to said vacation was … hectic to say the least. Some time during this hectic workload I had the brilliant idea to send in a few abstracts for SQL Saturdays around the world. […]

Presentation skills – do you have them?

A large part of my work as a consultant is giving presentations and teaching stuff. I’ve been doing presenting and teaching since 2000 and I feel fairly good at it. When I started out I was young and inexperienced, something I compensated for with a huge ego instead. Needless to say, I had … mixed […]

Manhandling GoldenGate, part 3

Here are the different configuration files and such I used for the setup described in parts 1 and 2. Please note that I’ve removed the several hundred schemas for clarity, and I have exchanged the customer-specific schema names for the nonexistent SCOTT and TIGER schema names. mgr parameter file on primary PORT 7809 AUTOSTART EXTRACT […]

Manhandling GoldenGate, part 2

Let’s take a look at something that is not quite as well documented for anything else than a tiny, safe lab environment – instantiation of the secondary database. There is a document from Oracle covering this (1276058.1) but it has not bee updated since 2013 and is not very detailed. Instantiating an Oracle secondary can […]

Manhandling GoldenGate, part 1

I’ve been hard at work setting up a GoldenGate replication system between two sites to serve as a HA solution for a customer that is … unwilling to pay the rather high licensing fees to use Oracle Enterprise Edition and Data Guard. Instead, we’ve opted to go with Standard Edition One 11g on two nodes […]

Blog developments

Things are slowly getting back to normal after the sudden passing a few weeks ago. Sure, it was “only” a cat, but as me and my wife don’t have any kids (and have no intention of getting any either), the cats are our kids. Anyhow, I’ve updated the blog a bit to make it more […]

A eulogy in a technical blog

I’ve been absent from the blog for a while. This has several reasons, ranging from work, to lots of things to do outside work and what I’d like to take a moment to talk about today – the death of one of my cats. I got Salsa, as she was called, back in May of […]

Three amigos screw up a cluster

Three amigos joined me for a cluster installation the other day. Neither of them was very friendly, so I decided to call them all out in one place in order for others to steer clear. The opinionated folder Using mount point folders is a great idea for neatness and to avoid having a gazillion drive letters […]

GoldenGate surprises

I’ve been way busier than I exepected, and I’ve got somewhat of a bad conscience for not having been able to update the blog. But here goes. I’ve been tasked with setting up an Oracle GoldenGate solution for a customer. The environment is fairly straight forward with two servers running Windows 2012R2 and Oracle Standard […]

Finding the culprit

I had a case the other day where the customer called and told me that he had a bit of a performance problem. Well, I’ve heard that a few times over the years, and asked him to elaborate. He sent me a screenshot of SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer and, well, it kind of points the […]

PASS Summit 2015 – a quick reflection

PASS Summit 2015 is winding down and I am strolling through increasingly deserted hallways. This was my second PASS Summit, and I already know it will not be my last. I’ve been to Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco six times and compared to that conference this one is downright tiny. But the thing with the […]

Azure Automation and index maintenance gotchas

I decided to write up a blog post about index maintenance in SQL Azure databases (yes, I’m gravitating towards Azure just like everyone else these days). I had everything planned, what research to do, the case I was going to use, the whole nine yards. It would have been epic, had it not been for […]

Back in the saddle – index time

Well, I’m back in the saddle. Four weeks of vacation, of which three resembled some kind of monsoon. The last was great, and ofcourse the weather became great as soon as I returned to work. I decided to get me a new script to show me unused indexes, and started looking at Stack Overflow to […]

Vacation! And a few gotchas…

The blog has been slow lately due to the impending vacation. I’ll toss in a few things I stumbled on the last week though: When dealing with a cluster, chances are that some of the disks just won’t be returned to the fold when deleted from available storage. For some reason, the cluster sometimes keeps […]

Differences between Oracle and SQL Server transaction log files

When moving between Oracle and SQL Server, one of the first gotchas is how the transaction log is handled differently between the two engines. In Oracle, the transaction log is a pure transaction log in that it contains only the data and not the rollback information. SQL Server combines the transaction log and the rollback […]

Basic settings for SQL Server 2012/2014, part 4

Part 4 – scripts for the previous parts Below are scripts for most of the SQL Server specific settings I discussed in the previous three parts. Please note that not quite everything is included (trace flags, instant file instantiation, etc.).   — Set memory amount sp_configure ‘show advanced options’, 1; GO RECONFIGURE; GO sp_configure ‘max server memory’, 40000; GO RECONFIGURE; GO — Turn on optimize for adhoc workloads EXECUTE sp_configure ‘show advanced options’, 1; GO RECONFIGURE; GO EXECUTE sp_configure ‘optimize for ad hoc workloads’, 1; GO RECONFIGURE — Turn on DAC EXECUTE sp_configure ‘remote admin connections’, 1; GO RECONFIGURE; GO — Adjusting TEMPDB ALTER DATABASE [tempdb] MODIFY FILE ( NAME = N’tempdev’, SIZE = 100MB , FILEGROWTH = 50MB); GO — Script to create TEMPDB files like the one existing USE [master] go […]

Migrating databases, part 2

Having gone through the truly offline ways of transferring data, let’s take a look at log shipping and database mirroring. These are fairly old techniques as both of them came into being back in SQL Server 2005. The concept is very simple – every once in a while data from the transaction logs are sent […]

Migrating databases, part 1

Migrating databases Most of us poor souls that for some reason enjoy this work called “database administration” get to meet “Mr. Migration” from time to time. I’ve lost count of the number of customers in need of moving one or more (most often A LOT) of databases from one server to another. The reasons for […]

Basic settings for SQL Server 2012/2014, part 3

Part 3: simplifying the life of the DBA When I’ve got the environment set up quite the way I like it, I usually set up a repository where I keep all my scripts. I designate one server as the “master” for my purposes, and set up a database called DBADB. In here I put all my […]

Double Whammy

So there I was, gearing up for a trip to a customer 90 minutes away and my audiobook had just finished. Having listened to Matan Yungman at SQL Pass in Copenhagen, I vaguely remembered him saying something about SQL Server Radio, so I decied to check it out. Turns out they’ve been doing it for […]

Basic settings for SQL Server 2012/2014, part 2

Updated: 2016-11-07 Part 2: settings inside SQL Server When the server is all good and installed, it’s time to go through and set up a bunch of server settings. First of all – dedicated admin connections. This is used as a “get out of jail for free”-card for a DBA if all the schedulers are […]

Dude, where’s my disk?

Today I took a look at a clients 10g Oracle RAC environment where one node apparently had started misbehaving quite some time ago. The scenario was that both nodes were up, cluster ready services was up, nodeapps were up, ASM was up but the instance was down. Starting from the top with the database alert […]

Basic settings for SQL Server 2012/2014, part 1

Whenever I set up an SQL Server I usually do the same things. I’ve collected a list of best practice settings over the years (and most often put them in a script, as most of my friends are scripts). Throughout a few blog posts I’ll go over the settings I do use and discuss a […]

Failover on Oracle Standard Edition?

We have all heard (and gnashed our teeth over) that in order to get a proper automatic failover environment for Oracle (i.e Data Guard) we need Enterprise Edition. Oracle Enterprise Edition (or as Brent Ozar so succinctly put it: Expensive Edition) is hideously expensive, especially if you’re only ever going to use the Data Guard […]