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Episode 33

The thirtythird episode is up, a.k.a the “Bad SQL jokes” episode! We talk about features that are missing from Power BI, heap accolades on Alexander’s new Surface Laptop, talk about ATP being available for Windows 7/8.1 and mention T-SQL Tuesday #99. As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content […]

T-SQL Tuesday #99 – Dealer’s Choice

This T-SQL Tuesday is an interesting one, as the challenge is to talk about something you’re passionate about outside of the usual work grind. Well, it turns out I’m very passionate about Star Wars, and I’m very passionate charity. Funny thing is, there is a way to combine them. But first, let’s rewind a few […]

I’ve become a mentor

I stumbled across SpeakingMentors after seeing a Tweet from Alex Yates. It’s a completely free opportunity for new and budding speakers to get one-on-one mentoring with more experienced people in the industry, all with the goal that sharing is indeed caring. I can’t count the number of times I’ve met absolutely brilliant people that had […]

Epsiode 32

The thirtysecond episode is up, a.k.a the “stumped Alex” episode! We talk about the new Windows Insider build, the new service extension post from Microsoft (and what that means), the Power BI February update and a story of corruption, #SQLFamily and asking for help. Knee-deep in Tech on iTunes Episode 32

Episode 31

The thirtyfirst episode is up! This time we’re recording from the Nordic Infrastructure Conference in Oslo, Norway. We talk some security, Intune vs ConfigMgr and SQL Server! As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet Alexander (@arcticdba) or Simon (@bindertech)! Knee-deep in Tech […]

Episode 30

The thirtieth episode is up, a.k.a the “presentation remoote” episode! We talk about what’s behind the scenes of Power BI desktop, SQL Saturday Vienna (which still was held on a Friday, by the way), new builds of InTune, Windows and Windows Server, the Nordic Infrastructure conference and some presentation technique tips thrown in for good […]

Basic settings for SQL Server 2012/2014/2016, part 5

Part 5: updating the basic settings for SQL Server 2016/2017 It’s been quite a while since I penned my best practices posts for SQL Server 2012/2014 and I’ve been saying for ages that I should update them for SQL Server 2016. Well, it would seem that hell finally froze over as here we are! Let’s […]

Episode 29

The twentyninth (and first episode of 2018!) episode is up, a.k.a the “on the ball” episode! This time we talk shenanigans with PowerBI and ODBC connections, WANem for WAN emulation, Meltdown and Spectre, yet another insider build and what’s in store for 2018. We’ve switched over to Pippa.io for file hosting. Expect some small technical […]

Episode 28

The twentyeight (and last episode for 2017) episode is up, a.k.a the “deepdive in the fish tank” epsiode! This time we talk some Power BI, setting learning goals (and the T-SQL Tuesday is on the SECOND Tuesday of the month, not the first as I incorrectly said) and AI in Office 365! We’ll be back […]

Special episode #4

In the fourth special episode I’m talking about the database offerings in Azure, and Simon is asking intelligent questions. We are now on iTunes! Much easier to subscribe! As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet me (@arcticdba) or Simon (@bindertech) http://www.arcticdba.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/special_4.mp3Podcast: Play […]