Speaking at DataMinds Connect

In 2019 I spoke at 12 conferences outside of Sweden. 2020 was looking up with not only a lot of conferences planned, but also training as well as consulting all over the Nordics.

It was not to be.

The pandemic hit hard, and just about everything I did stopped in its tracks.

When Benni de Jagere told me that they hoped to run DataMinds Connect in Mechelen, Belgium, in person in October, I was elated. The thought of getting to travel again made it an easy choice to send in a completely new abstract.

I’m extremely happy to say that the abstract was accepted, and I’m excited to share my new session.
It is called “The Audience Conductor - Using Senses and Emotions to Improve Your Presentations”, and is a level 400 session on presentation skills. It is all about emotions, something that is rarely even considered in technical speaking.
By choosing the story and how that story is delivered, it is possible to influence the emotional state of the audience. By engaging multiple senses and attaching emotions to a story, we can make the entire presentation much more memorable. I’ll show you how.

Head over to DataMinds Connect and get your tickets, and come join me for a rare deep dive in presentation skills!