Speaking at the Global Power BI Summit and SQLBits

The upcoming week is a hectic one for me. On Tuesday I will be speaking virtually at the Global Power BI Summit - the brainchild of Reza Rad and Leila Etaati of New Zealand. This is an online conference literally spanning the globe. It starts on the 7th and continues to the 11th, moving with the time zones as the world turns. The list of speakers is, put simply, huge, and it feels like every speaker in the Power BI world is present. I’ll be delivering my favorite session: “the Untruthful Art - Four Ways of Misrepresenting Data” at 12:00-13:00 (CET) in Room 6 on the 7th of March. There is still time to purchase tickets and join in!

Global Power BI Summit

Next stop - London

Just about as soon as I shut my PC down I’m heading for the airport. SQLBits, the largest European data conferences kicks off on the 8th. The first two days are full training days, but come the 10th, I have the utmost pleasure of taking to the stage with a mentee of mine. Linda TorrĂ¥ng and I will be delivering “Learning to Listen - Making the Most of Mentoring”, a 20-minute whirlwind of lessons learned with mentoring, from both the perspective of the mentor and the mentee. On the 12th, I’m back on the stage with “Lipstick on a Pig - Remaking a Report in 20 Minutes”, a session looking at ways to quickly improve a terrible Power BI report.

I cannot overstate the importance of SQLBits. It has been called “the European PASS Summit”, and while that is in many ways true, it doesn’t quite convey the sheer awesomeness that is SQLBits. Drop what you’re doing and go get tickets - this year you can even join in virtually, so you don’t even have to find flights and lodging in the 11th hour!