The Tech of Knee-Deep in Tech, 2020s edition - part 1

Matthew Roche pinged me on Twitter the other day to ask about the workflow and gear I use to record Knee-deep in Tech. After responding on Twitter I decided it was time to do a new round of “The Tech of Knee-Deep in Tech”. I’ll divide this into several blog posts due to the sheer amount of information. Gear Recording Post Processing Publication Let’s kick off the first part of the series – the gear. Recording on the move When we’re at the same place to record (which is rare these days) or when we’re out and about and do interviews with people, we use a Zoom H6 recorder and AKG C520/C520L microphones.

Presenting at Microsoft Ignite

I have the honor of presenting two sessions and hosting four podcast recordings at Microsoft Ignite:  BRK2099 - The cloud awakens: Azure SQL Server for the on-premises DBA Session time: Thursday November 7th, 0915-1000, OCCC W314 Have you ever asked what the cloud means for your database environment? Do you wonder if Azure is a viable platform for your next project? If so, look no further! This session starts with an overview of Azure and where SQL Server fits in among the other services of the cloud. It follows with key differences between the Azure SQL Server offerings, introduces how to move data to the cloud, and discusses some of the pros, cons, and challenges of putting a database in the cloud in the first place.

Speaking at Experts Live in Prague!

It´s a late announcement, but I´m happy to tell the world that I´ve been accepted to speak at Experts Live in Prague November 20-22! It will be my first Experts Live, but from what I´ve already have experienced in terms of organization and how they´ve have handled me as a speaker - I´m VERY excited! Ill be presenting a session on Windows Virtual Desktop and how it integrates and enhances (and gets enhanced) by Microsoft 365. A session I´ve presented a number of times and that always gets the attendees to think in new directions and understands how WVD is democratizing End-User Computing.

Multiple Keys in Power BI

Let’s say we need keep track of certifications in a fictional company. Management has requested a Power BI table that should list the region, the certification, the number of certifications, the goal and a concatenation of the number of certifications and the goal. The end goal is requested to look something like this: This should be easy – just visualize the columns in a table. Unfortunately the last column called “current” is, in fact, not a part of the table. And it gets worse: the columns in the table are from different tables, and we need more than one key. Let’s tackle this in two blog posts.

New speaking hardware

At TechMentor in Seattle this summer I asked Aleksandar Nikolic, a fellow European MVP, about the tiny machine he used when presenting. It turned out that he had recently acquired a Surface Go, a Surface laptop roughly the same size as an iPad. Since buying it he had left his heavier machine at home, he explained. It was indeed a smaller package - something that would be perfect for me as I try to only travel with a carry on. As trying to manhandle a laptop in economy seating is a pain, I usually bring an iPad as well.. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this could be a great fit.